How to Clean Pool Tile With Muriatic Acid

Keeping the pool tile in good condition is very important as the dirt and stains present on it contaminate the water and even spread some serious allergens to the users. There are many ways through which you can clean the pool tiles and the effective one among them is using the muriatic acid. This one is one of the dangerous as well as a strong solution that removes all the calcium build-up present on the pool tiles and even treats the stains. The experts give the advice to use it only when the pool tiles are really very dirty.

You have got to take a lot of care while using this solution. It delivers the best result when used properly. Many homeowners are confused about how to apply this method but do not worry below mentioned is one of the safest methods through which you can use the muriatic acid to clean your pool tiles. 

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Best Method to Clean the Pool Tiles With Muriatic Acid

Step 1: Make the Preparations

To make the solution firstly, wear gloves and cover your eyes with the goggles. Later take out the muriatic acid and keep it outside so that it gets proper ventilation.

Step 2: Get the Solution Ready

In the next step, to prepare the solution you need to take a plastic bucket and add gallon water. Later take the measuring cup and pour 8 ounces of muriatic acid in it. Do not put the acid first as it doesn’t give the proper result. Make sure to label the bucket and cup as disposal so that it is not used in the future. Take a piece of wood and slowly mix the solution. In the end, using the measuring cup gently add the solution in a spray bottle. 

Step 3: Use the Solution

To use the solution make sure you are first emptying the pool, later spray the solution on the tiles slowly i.e., on the small areas. After spraying it on the stains, use the pad and slowly scratch the stains. Follow it on all the stained areas and make sure your body is not getting in contact with it. 

Step 4: Rinse the Tiles Thoroughly and Dry

Rinse your tiles properly using the freshwater. Directly pour on the tiles and later take out all the solutions along with the water outside of the pool. Ensure to follow this step carefully. In the end, let your pool tiles dry thoroughly so that it gets some fresh air and all the acid odor is gone completely.

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Why Regrouting of Bathroom Tiles is Important for a Healthy Home?

Your bathroom is one of those places in your house which is called for utmost exclusiveness and privacy. This is because you spend some of the most exclusive and delicate moments of your life every day. The most important thing is that tiles usually constitute the most important components of the bathrooms. Well, the question now would arise is that how can you afford the tiles to look dirty, dingy as well as unhygienic? The answer to this question is that well-maintained tiles help in displaying the aesthetic appearance. Regrouting of bathroom tiles also help to immensely add to the psyche as well as daily working abilities of a person. Let’s see some of the reasons for the regrouting of bathroom tiles are so important.

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Reasons Why Regrouting Tiles is Important

Hygiene & Cleanliness

You should not ignore the need for hygiene and cleanliness in your bathrooms. Thus, the proper maintenance of the tiles in the bathroom should be the prime importance of every single person. This is because the regular flow of soap water would leave stains on the tile of bathrooms. This is the reason why tile re-grouting, so important.

Prevention from Moulds

Usually, the level of humidity in bathrooms is not much higher and light is also not so much strong. This helps to create the ideal condition for the development of the mould. Thus, molds can lead to various hazards of health such as frequent coughing, sneezing, and difficulty in breathing. The experts also know the ideal technique for removing the existing amount of mould as it also prevents the further development of mould by grout sealing.

Provides Aesthetic Appearance

The major aspect behind installing the tiles in the bathroom or any other place is to provide an aesthetic appearance to that particular wall or floor. This, in turn also shows the lifestyle, business standard and social status of a person. Thus, Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning of bathroom tiles also ensure aesthetic appearance by providing the original luster and glaze to the tiles. In addition, this also prevents in discoloration, disfiguring and deterioration of the tiles. This also helps to maintain the tile’s original glaze.

Longevity and Durability

Tiles are usually prone to wear &tear because of the rough as well as tough environment faced by them. The greatest threat to your tile surface would be any kind of scratch and it will also deface the entire appearance of the floor as well as the wall.

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Once you have chosen tile re-grouting for bathroom tiles you will save enough money from all the recurring expenses of the emergent repairing as it is associated with inconveniences and hassle. The regular porcelain tile cleaning of the tiles usually involves a minimum amount of manpower deployment and the cost associated with damage.

Hire Professional for Tile Regrouting

The process of tile regrouting should always be done by the experts as they have enough experience and knowledge to use appropriate kind of products for cleaning the tiles. We at Fresh Tile And Grout Cleaning Melbourne expertise in regrouting of bathroom tiles and have all the well-skilled and experienced workers whose work never fail to satisfy customers.


Why Professional Tile, Grout And Carpet Cleaning is Requited?

If you think cleaning your carpet yourself is same as getting it cleaned by a professional, you are wrong. This is cause of several reasons and the main important reason is the pollutants which is tough to remove. So, a regular carpet cleaning is required to remove dust, pet dander, allergens and other pollutants. Likewise, tile and grout cleaning is also essential for healthy life of your family and for extending life your tiles.

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Following are some of the reasons, that makes professional carpet cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning an essential  part of your regular life:

  • An ordinary cleaner cannot generate that much heat and vacuum and is not capable of cleaning that deep strains: Even after cleaning your carpet with an ordinary cleaner, pollutants remains there which is not healthy for your family. Professional cleaners make sure they have removed all the pollutants.
  • Tile and grout has enough gap through which dirt and other pollutants can seep deep. If you try to clean that yourself, you will just waste your time and money. Only a professional can clean that deep grime, with a suitable machine which you cannot have at your home.
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  • A professional carpet cleaner knows about a lot of different types of carpet and how to handle each of them with ease and perfection. They already know what kind of cleaning will be suitable for your carpet type and so they can clean the pollutants perfectly and more better than you.
  • You don’t know what cleaners will be suitable for your tile and grout. Some cleaners are not good for your tile’s life as it can deteriorate the material of the tiles. Professional cleaners know about different cleaners and also what should be the best for your tile type and they apply it accordingly.
  • Professional cleaners know how to give your carpet, tile and grout a long life. They know how to use cleaner and in which way so that your carpet will not be damaged, and give your carpet a best life. Also professional cleaners promises that they will remove all the pollutants making you stay healthy.
  • It is always easy for you to call a professional to do all the cleaning work with perfection, rather than you yourself wasting a lot of time and even though the pollutants are still there. If you think you can rent a cleaning machine and clean yourself, it is not possible as you are not trained to use those machine like a professional.

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We at Fresh Tile Cleaning are rich in trained professionals who can clean your carpet tile and grout in the best possible way and at an affordable price. We at Fresh Tile Cleaning provides one of the best service well known for our all type of cleaning services. Our company has all the machines that can remove all type of pollutants cleaning your home in a healthy way.

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Preserve your Flooring with these Techniques of Cleaning Ceramic Tile Flooring

Preserve your Flooring with these Techniques of Cleaning Ceramic Tile Flooring

When building a home, most people opt for ceramic tiles for most parts of their houses. Ceramic tiles come in a host of variety of colors and elegant styles and numerous textures, glazing and attractive designs. But what one should be wary about, before applying to their houses, is the cleaning of ceramic tile floors so that they last for longer duration and keep presenting their splendor for as long as the house remains. Flooring is the most common places where these ceramic tiles are applied. And of all the household jobs, cleaning ceramic tile floors is the hardest. So we discuss a few techniques of cleaning ceramic tile flooring to help you preserve your flooring.


The most important part in cleaning ceramic tile floors is the tile sealing process which preserves your tiles from permanent damage and stains. Cleaning this type of floor involves cleaning the grout, which is the hardest part. The caulking of the tile and grout cleaning Sydney can help keep your tile looking new for a lot years to come. The grouts are the dirtiest parts of the flooring. Sealing grouts can save them from stains and cleaning the floors becomes are little easier. There are new offering of grout colorants which act as sealant as well as conserve the original color of the grout. While cleaning ceramic tile floors, one should also keep in mind that non-epoxy grouts should be sealed using silicone sealants.

Cleaning ceramic tile floors is the next step in maintaining them. Unlike the vinyl flooring ceramic tiles can be permanently spoiled if correct cleaning techniques aren’t employed. The best way of cleaning ceramic tile floors is first to keep the dirt in certain places, so one must use door mats and walk-off mats to limit the dirt coming into the home. Cleaning the floors this way limits the amount of dirt tracked onto the tiles. Sweeping of the ceramic tile floors frequently also keeps them fresh and new. For cleaning ceramic tile flooring one can also use the vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning but avoid using the attachment with beater bar as they scratch and dull the tiles.


Cleaning ceramic tile floors also involves mopping the ceramic tiles floors with recommended detergents is also a great practice as it keeps the tiles shining. One can use sponge for cleaning heavier soils. Tiles with designs and textures require a bit more care. Scrubbing should be performed using polishers and dirt films should be wiped using clean towel. Grocery stores offer a wide range of products for cleaning ceramic tiles with friendly instructions which provide enough knowledge to customer to ensure safe and proper Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne. Afterwards, it should be rinsed with warm water to remove any remaining dirt. To maintain their shine one must wipe dry the floors.


There are a few things which one should be very careful while cleaning ceramic tile floors. Cleaning these floors should be done by the recommended detergents. Cleaning of spills should be immediate so that the grout doesn’t become stained. While cleaning ceramic tile floors one should not use abrasives, steel wool or scouring powder as they can scratch the tiles.

The installation of these beautiful little objects maybe a difficult task but maintaining them is even arduous.

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How Can I Make My Bathroom Tile Shine?


Tile and grout cleaning is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and good look of the bathroom. Grungy bathroom tiles completely ruin the beauty of the bathroom. Bathroom tile tends to lose their shine and luster due to everyday wear and tear. When they are exposed to dirt, soap scum, cleaning chemicals, and water spots the will start losing their shining nature day by day. Tiles are the most durable choice for bathrooms. By following proper measures you can maintain the shine and quality of the tiles for long years.

There is nothing big to do or invest, just know about the Basic Tile Floorings Care, deep cleaning method and how to clean the stubborn Stains on the Grout. With the help of these techniques, you can amazingly maintain the appearance and life of your tile floorings. By following different techniques including natural cleaning and heavy duty treatments, you can restore the shine in your tiles to reclaim the cleanliness and glossiness of the bathroom.


Routine Care

Routine care and maintenance are very important to retain the tile characteristic sheen. Regularly mop and clean your tile floors by mixing 2 tablespoons of detergent liquid into a bucket full of hot water. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe and dry the tile surface this will add amazing shine to the tile surface. For Cleaning the Shower Tiles, where the grim is accumulated, spray the spirits and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe the surface clearly. You’ll notice bright and sparkling tiles.

Natural Solutions

Simple household products can give effective results compared to the commercial cleaners. Prepare a solution by mixing one part of baking soda and one part of vinegar. Sprinkle the solution on the tile surface and wipe it with a clean cloth. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface and sweep away to clean and deodorize the tile surface. Alternatively, mix ½ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of borate detergent and ½ cup of ammonia into a gallon of water to clean the tile floors.


Getting at Grout

Cleaning the tiles alone is really not enough to make your bathroom shine. Even you should consider cleaning the grout line to attain complete shine and glossiness of the bathroom. Use baking soda to remove the stubborn stains, this is the most effective and natural method which will easily remove stains on the grout lines. Use the toothbrush and apply the mixture on grout stain removal and scrub the paste. Finally, wash the grout lines with warm water. Alternatively mix equal parts of baking soda, warm water, and salt to clean the grout lines.

Tough Treatment

If you have hard water facility in your bathroom it will leave ugly mineral deposits and soap scum on the floors. Purchase the line scale remover in the market and use the product according to the instruction. This will completely remove the mineral deposits from the tile surface and gives bright and shiny look to the bathroom.

How to Clean Tiles and Grout Yourself at Home?

If you want your houses cleaned you regularly broom and vacuum your place. There are many ways to maintain cleanliness in your homes. We also find a lot of tiles in our homes and offices. Tiles are an important part of construction and interior business providing our homes and office with shine and lustre. Titles are also helpful in keeping your paces clean and shiny. But we often neglect the fact that tiles and grout require frequent cleaning. They are easy to get stained and with prolonged time grout may become dull and black. Clean Bathroom Tile & Kitchen Tile & Grout Cleaning require specialised cleaning to remove the growth of algae and mould. We hardly know any way other than washing to remove stains and get rid of algae and mould growth. Here we are providing a helpful guide to clean tiles and grout and follow this procedure for tile stain removal.

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Things You Will Need:

1. Oxygenated bleach
2. Baking Soda
3. A nylon bristle brush
4. A clean cloth
5. An old toothbrush and normal brush

Let’s Go and Follow the steps for stain removal:

Step 1: You should first normally wash your tiles with some water or liquid soap. Use a cloth to wipe off them clean. Rub extensively on grouts to remove settled dust.

Step 2: For stain removal, prepare a solution of bleach. Take a bucket and add some warm water and pour in some oxygenated bleach (amount with respect to need). This solution should be poured on tiles and use a nylon brush to brush the stain off. After brushing and repeating the process you should leave it for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Take a cloth and rinse it with the bleach and apply this on the grouts extensively. Now use the toothbrush to vigorously brush the stain off the grouts and keep brushing till you get the grout whitened again.

Step 4: After the tiles have been cleaned by bleach and left to dry off. You can pour some water and wipe them off with a plain cloth or paper towel. Wipe the edges and corners too and clean the grouts too. Get your tiles shining again.

Professional Assistance:

This guide can be helpful for small and fresh stains. But there certain stains which are very stubborn especially if left untreated. The edges and corners of kitchen and bathrooms provide a dark and moist environment for germs, algae and mould to flourish. This prolong infestation can affect the health of your loved ones. Straightaway hire our Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne, our team of experts will help you with the tile stain removal. Professional products and sanitising agents will help you live in a germ-free environment and keep your bathrooms and kitchen tiles fresh and clean.

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Fresh Tile Cleaning specializes in Tile & Grout Restoration, using the very latest in cleaning and restoration methods obtainable. Awareness and ‘know how’ also characteristic in our arsenal to bring your tiled areas back to their unique beauty; indoors and out, home and business, any size. Services we offer include sealing of new grout, re-coloring of old grout, silicone replacement, tile replacement, and re-grouting to wash grout repair, Tile and Grout Cleaning and additional.


Tile’s stability and visual appeal make it sensible as a surface appropriate for all home and business areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, entrance and patios within homes, offices or business areas. Tiled areas are often subjected to big amounts of wear and tear by serious foot traffic or contact to the elements, which means expert attention is necessary from time to time to clean the microscopic pores which have allowed grime grime as well as other, contaminates to become trapped in the crevice of your tiles and grout lines.


Standard moping can leave your tiles and grout looking unclean and discolored, this staining can be caused by unclean water from cleaning tools such as a mop being left sitting in the grout lines, and crevice of the tiles. These remains can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, mould and mildew. Hand scrubbing with harsh chemical cleaners can be unproductive in dealing with this matter and is very time consuming, labor concentrated, and not at all an agreeable task.

Impressing Customers Entering a Business

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Will Give Your Tiles that ‘New Look’ once more you can have self-assurance knowing that you will be given the very best in service, and results are definite!